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"Let's just make our own, Dad."

That was the simple, innocent suggestion of my then 8 year old son.

We'd been shopping for a suitable candle for home,  but after a few hours, the options weren't great for two guys looking for a fragrance for their man pad.  We wanted something more masculine, or at least, more man friendly.


By the next day, we'd bought our first candle making kit.

Next, came the hunt for man friendly fragrances.

We made 4-5 candles a week, mixing fragrances together and burning them 24/7.

Visitors began commenting on how good the candles were and sure enough, my 8 year old came up with another great plan:

"You should sell them at your cafe, Dad."

And so the journey began.

ManCub Candles seeks to provide uniquely blended fragrances with quality soy wax - a little luxury for the guys and gals for different occasions.


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